Creating Your Listing

Increase your dental practice's visibility by creating a Rocklin Dentists listing today. This tutorial will show how easy it is to get started.


But, since the Rocklin Dentists directory contains hundreds of local listings, it's suggested to search the directory first and claim any current listing.


Create Your Rocklin Dentists Listing


Log in to your Rocklin Dentists account or register for a new one. To access the backend, click on the "User" and "Dashboard" links from the homepage.


Then, click on the "Create Listing" link to the left.



You will then be able to select a dental marketing plan that best matches your practice's needs. To proceed, push "Select" on the corresponding box.



Now, it's time for you to personalize your Rocklin Dentists listing. By providing your listing with as many elements as possible, you are helping patients get to know you and how to contact you.


Give Geographic Details


All digital listings should include geographic details. These details allow Google to include your dental practice when populating their search results for "dentists nearby." This fact is, in addition to the simple idea of patients being able to find you.


Use one of two methods to pinpoint your geographic location. First, enter your address in the search bar on the top right of the map. Second, manipulate the map to locate your office and click on that location to drop a pin.  



Provide General Practice Details


Keep going down the page, and complete each field to complete your dental listing.



Dentist Name

Use your professional name along with any prefix and credentials.


Dental Practice Name

Enter your legal business name. This name should be the same across all digital directories, including Google My Business and the Yellow Pages. This consistency strengthens your branding. Do you want to know how consistent your practice appears online? Try out our free scanning tool to find out.



Whether you use your practice's business logo or a headshot, make a point to include this image on your Rocklin Dentists listing. Attach your image by clicking on "Upload Logo."



Enter your physical address. Rocklin Dentists offers two helpful fields (cross street and neighborhood) so patients can more quickly locate your office. Next, entering your city's first letter will produce an autofill dropdown so you can choose your city.


Phone Numbers

Ensure that patients can reach you by entering your office phone and WhatsApp numbers.


Include Descriptions and Website, Plus Social Media



Short Description and Description

Use the short description field as a quick summary of your practice. Then, use the description section to elaborate on your practice details and principles. This area is critical for potential patients to assess if your practice is a good fit.



Add your practice's email to your Rocklin Dentists listing as an alternative contact.


Website and Social Media

Encourage patients to find additional resources using your practice's website and social media profiles. Not everything can be included in the description sections. Always include the HTTP:// HTTPS:// prefix when entering in URLs.


Dental Specialization

Even though you may practice multiple specialties, choose your dominant area of dentistry from the dropdown menu.



Patients want to know your open hours. Include both your hours and business days.  


Furnish Additional Information



License Number and State

You should include your license number as well as the issuing state. Patients might find this information useful when searching for potential dentists.


Additional Information

Patients looking for particular standards will appreciate this additional informational section, allowing them to make a more informed decision.


Upload Enhanced Media


Uploading photos and videos to your Rocklin Dentists listing helps your practice visually stand out.




Use the "Browse" button to find and upload photos that best represent your dental practice.



Have you uploaded videos to YouTube or Vimeo showcasing your practice? Then, copy and paste these links to quickly add them to your Rocklin Dentists listing. Click "+" to attach them.



Once all your information has been entered, click "Submit" to complete your Rocklin Dentists listing.


How Does Your Rocklin Dentists listing Look?


From your Rocklin Dentists dashboard, click on "Listings" to review. Also, use this review to rectify any clerical mistakes.



Too Busy? Let Us Help!


Looking forward to a new Rocklin Dentists listing but can't find the time? The team at Rocklin Dentists can handle the heavy lifting for you. Just create a Rocklin Dentists account and select a marketing subscription plan. Then, contact us so we can get started.