Upgrading your Subscription

Are you ready to optimize your Rocklin Dentists listing's visibility? Then look at upgrading for premium search placement or homepage placement with a Featured or Homepage Featured marketing subscription today!


Sign in to Your Rocklin Dentists Account


Click on the "Sign In" button from the homepage's top menu. Enter your login details and click on the "Sign In" button.



Find Your Rocklin Dentists Listing


To access your Rocklin Dentists dashboard, click "User" on the homepage. Afterward, click " Dashboard " and "Listings" to find your created listings.



Claim Your Rocklin Dentists Listing


To view the marketing plan options for upgrading, you must click on "Claim Listing" under your name.



Determine Your Marketing Subscription Plan


Evaluate the marketing plan options. Depending on your current marketing plan, determine the best upgrade for your dental practice and click "Select This Plan" to proceed.



Pay for Your Marketing Subscription Upgrade


Rocklin Dentists offers secure Stripe payments. After verifying your selected subscription, click "Pay with Card."



Click "Pay" after providing your email address and credit card details. This is the last step to complete your upgrade.



Should you still have questions after following this tutorial, contact Rocklin Dentists.